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This cookie contains no private application information and doesn’t require request- or response-related data to function.

Based on this cookie value, the Heroku router will be able to determine the appropriate dyno for each request.

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Problem is, when I invalidate the session, I get the following exception thrown: com.meterware.httpunit.

Http Internal Error Exception: Error on HTTP request: 500 Internal Error at com.meterware.httpunit. Even if I set the Http Unit Options to not thrown exceptions on errors, I am still left with a null Faces Context and can't continue the test.

Session affinity therefore allows framework writers and designers to avoid the more difficult issues and requirements that multi-backend systems tend to have.

The assumptions sticky sessions allow also have a few other benefits: In all of these cases, even if for a brief period of time, a dyno that is still up and running may not accept new connections or handle new requests, or is entirely down and will never handle them.

Under these scenarios, a client may be redirected to an alternate dyno.

The session affinity mechanism will resume from that endpoint, but the original one will be abandoned. Session affinity is usually an optimization and not a replacement for long-lived connections.

While requests will automatically be redistributed when you scale up or down, there might be some situations where you’ll want to manually redistribute traffic.

Hi all, I'm facing problem while with invalidating session. I've a code through which I can invalidated the session that I'd created, by pressing logout link provided.

It is currently not available for applications in Private Spaces.

Sticky sessions allow applications and frameworks to make assumptions about traffic coming their way.

You can try to time out sessions after a certain amount of inactivity.

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