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So if you’re learning German through books, movies or TV, it’s imperative to recognize these emotional sentences.Pronounced like “Kvatch,” this is one of the more commonly used terms when showing your angry side.The immediate translation is “You can like me,” but that would be crazy to tell to someone you’re mad at.

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The motion indicates that the other person’s brain is located in their elbow.

If you stick to the word has a rough translation to “Good heavens!

This is also a better way to tell a friend, coworker or relative that you aren’t to be messed with right now, since it’s not all that aggressive, and you can keep the situation from going out of control.

Translated as “I’m furious,” this sentence takes the level up a notch, revealing that you truly mean business.

and not being able to understand the fear and anger uttered by the soldiers in their submarines.

Now think about your ultimate language learning goal: gaining German fluency.

However, some Germans use the gesture to represent the word a**hole, which you can pair with the saying above to put some emphasis on what you mean.

To keeps things open-ended, the sentence, consider this one.

The sentence simply means “Be quiet,” but the more literal translation is “Shut your mouth.”The sentence means “Get out of my sight,” which can obviously be used in many situations such as when frustrated with a significant other, worker or child.

The literal translation for this is “Lick me,” but that doesn’t make much sense, now does it?

What if you could speak to your spouse, kids, coworkers, friends or just about anyone in German, but not express when you’re ticked off?

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