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One day, I had a vision come to me from the Spiritworld about two people destined to meet each other through their star signs.

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It’s definitely boosted my confidence.’Stuart says: ‘We are like a big family.

If I hadn’t come here, I don’t know what I would do.

So I did create a new way of reading for them so they would find a perfect match for them, I thought, what a brilliant idea and has never been done before by any other Psychic or Clairvoyant.

I have always keep this very special reading to myself until now.

Feeling loved , Happy, content, kindness, hugs, kisses, laughter, fun times, sharing great memories together… It’s very important to get the right connection which suits you!

You would still have that normal desire to be in a relationship or to have a sexual experience, but not only do you have the pressure of dating, you have to find someone willing to accept you for, well, being you. For many people that can be a frightening and seemingly impossible thing to do. The Stars in the Sky dating agency featured on hit Channel 4 program The Undateables and has proved popular, reaffirming the need for such a service in the area.

‘They can start on the Facebook page, get some confidence and the next thing they are at a disco with all their new friends.’Stars in the Sky has over 100 members and new applications have been pouring in.

Stars in the Sky meets all the new members face to face and people have to be referred to the charity, through a social worker, doctor or other professional.

Love and your Health is the most important thing in your life and makes you feel over the moon when someone makes you feel very special.

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