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Electronic communication changes communication style in the initial stages of relationship formation in that individuals can maintain much more control over their self-description and representation.As a result, relationship initiation patterns are likely to be different in computer-mediated scenarios.Check back soon as we will be adding more resources to this page and our entire dating channel.

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Ross’s system is based on NLP: neuro-linguistic programming.

The notion here is that we are influenced greatly by our subconscious needs and desires, and that you can influence a woman’s perception of you with the words and phrases you use when speaking to her.

Take what works for you, but understand that you need to challenge yourself.

Don't just dismiss some advice because it makes you a little uncomfortable.

According to social psychologists Sprecher and Mc Kinney (1987), the most common obstacles to relationship initiation are traditional sex roles, shyness, and lack of confidence in one's appearance.

In an online medium, because self representation is entirely within one's own control, some of these barriers appear to be diminished.

Words trigger responses in our brains, and NLP can be used for all sorts of self-help purposes.

Speed Seduction is a fascinating system, and anyone who wants to improve how they approach and interact with women should explore Ross’s program.

A significant minority of women, however, seem willing to contact a great number of men.

For both men and women, the overall success rate of initiating relationships seems substantial, as 65 percent of users reported starting at least one friendship and 38 percent reported starting at least one romantic or sexual relationship through the service. Shyness proved to be an important variable in explaining how and why some people used the CMC dating service.

Ross Jeffries – Speed Seduction Ross Jeffries is the trailblazer in the area.

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