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Regardless of the reasons, going through a divorce after 60 can be one of the most challenging experiences of your life.In a previous article, I wrote about how women go through 5 stages when recovering from a divorce.Perhaps we simply have more time in our 60s, with fewer family and work commitments, to reevaluate our lives and the people in them.

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Most women emerge from their divorce stronger than ever.

You can’t control every aspect of the experience, but, you can choose the frame from which you view the situation. Write down 3 ways that your divorce is an opportunity for you to live a better life.

If you're looking for information that discusses divorce issues from a woman's point of view, you've come to the right place.

Whether you're just thinking about splitting up, are currently dealing with the legal end of it, or are newly single, you'll find the support you need.

We suffer from fear – fear of the unknown, fear of loneliness, fear of losing friends or status in the community. All of these emotions are understandable, but, left unchecked, they prevent us from moving forward.

If you’re going through a painful divorce, after a long marriage, keep in mind that your identity and self-worth are not defined by one man or one relationship.Dealing With Your Emotions It's not easy dealing with the heartbreak, overcoming the intense anger, or digging out from the depression.Get articles and advice to help you get back on your feet and heal your heart so you can trust and love again.There are discussions about preparing for what you will be facing, dividing assets and debts, dealing with children's issues, and tips on starting over.Welcome to the Idaho Court Assistance Office & Self-Help Center!The goal of this site is to help women survive divorce and rebuild their lives, offering help for every stage of the process.

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