Inerracial dating

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However, it also highlights a big reason for how and why things are changing in our society.

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Celebrating Black Women and the diverse men who love us! My big event is tonight so I have a guest filling in for me today.

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This is certainly a positive shift as these marriages are producing children that are blurring the lines between race, and causing it to be seen for inerracial it is— little more than a societal construct.

Today, percent of new marriages are between spouses of different interrcial, which is a dramatic increase from the 6-percent in inferracial While the legislative process took decades, the process of eliminating the cultural stigmas associated with interracial marriage is just now coming to a completion.

She is even in an interracial relationship herself. Guest Blog Na Blo Po Mo Challenge Special Uncategorized Tagged With: Black women Black.

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When the same question was posed to those 65 and older, only percent said yes.

These statistics show a distinct generational gap in the way younger people view race relations compared to how older people view them.

Few people would have considered interracial dating in the 50s natural which interracual a big difference from today.

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