Incontenance dating

Stress Incontinence Stress incontinence is caused by the pelvic muscles or sphincter being damaged which can cause the bladder to leak when it comes under physical stress.

This can occur during many different types of movement including laughing, coughing or sneezing.

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I've had many, many things going against, but that didn't stop my husband from pursuing me.

I guess I made those issue much larger in my own mind than he saw them. But, I don't think he'd leave me over it now if I lost total control.

I would point blank ask them if they lost bladder control how would they deal with it and why they choose how they do it.

I would ask them, if they would want me to be sitting/standing here with them is pee soaked pants, how disgusting would that be?

If one is talking of sex, except for oral sex a little bit incontinence should not come in the way.

Good luck If someone was to say to me that diapers are disgusting, I would have to ask them some questions back.

Lifting heavy objects can also apply pressure on the bladder and cause stress incontinence.

Stress incontinence is quite common in women who have given birth multiple times.

You may go through a lot of ups and downs trying to find that right one, but if they reject you for your incontinence, they would reject you later if something else ever happen to you.

I feel the biggest problem is that most people are not educated in what incontinence is and how to deal with it.

So I figure try to find another incontinent individual like me in diapers? Help please I don't know what to do I may not be much help in this area since I am married and my incontinence happen long after we were married, but I do know that if someone is truly the one for you, loves you for you, then incontinence will not be an issue.

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