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Me:‎ Ok Me:‎ Ok hrmgdalton:‎ You will get started with work ASAP, The company will provide you a free Apple-(Mac Book Air) laptop with a fast internet connection and your W4 form will be coming along with the working materials you need to start working with,you are to purchase all your materials from a certified vendor we have been patronizing for years now.You will receive a paycheck for the purchase of the working materials,the company's accounting dept will issue the check and have it sent to your house via fed Ex, I just got an email asking me to set Up a Screen name with the yahoo Instant Messenger online at and add up the Head of Operation screen name: [email protected] your buddy list.I noticed that he had a "Swiss Life" logo next to his screen name so I googled them as well, they have no jobs in the US. I hope i didnt tell her too much information, I definitely didnt tell her my account number or any personal information.

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This looked suspicious, so I Googled "yahoo messenger scams" and got to this page.

Saved me a lot of time dealing with this person, and the possibility of identity theft.

Please be careful I normally am and very skeptical about most everything.

I received the email from Joseph Boyd who told me to set up a yahoo messenger name and add [email protected] told me to sit on line from 8am - 3pm and she would interview sometime in that period.

You can choose to work during Morning, Afternoon and even during evening...

The pay rate is .75 per hour training is per hour and will be getting payment bi-weekly via check or direct deposit.Received a text & email from the person listed below offering me a job:melissakeane343 [email protected] Applicant, We are pleased to invite you for an online interview for the position.Your details has been forwarded to the Senior Supervisor ( Ms Jessica Forbes ) she will like to conduct an online interview with you to discuss your duties and pay scale with our company .DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name [email protected] The position is with Patient Media Conversation as an Administrative Position/ Receptionist. This is the email I received: Dear Applicant, Your resume has been reviewed due to the Job Ad you responded to on the Human Resources of the company has decided to give you a chance to proceed to the next employment process, you have been considered and scheduled for an online interview to discuss more about the position offered. S company to India (USV Limited) when I started the "interview". But I decided to see what the email I got was about. As instructed to [email protected] .while waiting for a instant message back I searched the skeptic email job interview offer. Meanwhile this Susan persons responds back by instant messages asking my personal info where I live and where I'm from my gender and more. I'm reporting them to the police and the phone was being traced ....interesting because they did ignored my text and responded with am I ok .funny as they certainly mis spell and lack English grammar. This is sad and ridiculous in the times we live in today.please pass the word on and thanks for those of you who shared this earlier.THE POSITIONS AVAILABLE ARE : Data Entry Clerk, Accounting Clerk Bookkeeper, Accounting Executive, Marketing, Executive Healthcare Administration Assistant, Customer Service, Clerical Administrator, Payroll...

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