How to improve dating

It’s just a short list, but it gives you an idea of what your everyday body language is saying to others and vice versa.

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This means you might get more fidgety as you try to casually make your hair and clothes look perfect. Heavy lidded eyes during a casual glance signal sexual attraction, while a raised eyebrow might mean it’s a no go.

When you want someone to like you, try a few of these likeable signals from Lifehack.

Standing with feet wider apart and sometimes hands on the hips, allows you to take up more room. It shows happiness and encourages others to smile too.

It’s a dominate pose that shows others you’re in charge. If you’re flirting, a genuine smile with eye contact is a clear indicator of interest.

It’s a rather powerful and motivating talk if you have an extra 20 minutes.

It’s a scary thought that everyone’s being judged, at least subconsciously, on how they’re standing, sitting, and even using their hands.

This in turn, gives you the power to better choose your encounters.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for—how body language translates into flirting.

A few flirty signals you might see or use yourself include: Touching erogenous zones, especially the lips Many quick glances or prolonged eye contact Fidgeting (especially for shy people)Showing the front of the body“Accidental” touches Arms at side (crossed arms or placing an object in front of them isn’t a good sign)Standing taller Fussing with hair or clothing While some of these might not seem like flirting, they’re signs of interest.

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