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No problem, simply keep on doing what’s already working for you. This is not to demean or devalue the women your dating, not at all.

Another piece to the “don’t be too available” puzzle is to have an interesting life outside casual dating as well. Get a career that resonates with you or start your own business. The point is simply to grow into the kind of man that NATURALLY attracts all kinds of hot action to you. Wanna know what really is the END goal of all of this in my opinion? To be the kind of man women are naturally attracted to.

I was so shy I couldn’t even THINK of actually talking to a real, living breathing woman in a MILLION YEARS. After years of hard work I finally got to where I am today. Seriously, you’re NUTS if you don’t have at least 3 profiles on one of the 9 best casual sex dating sites. The second thing is that you need to adhere to the RULES laid out in this page.

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Well, she just doesn’t want to feel like some cheap slut that represents only pussy to you.

I don’t care how casual the dating phase of relationship is, woman will want to feel appreciated, beautiful and sexy. Simply somehow show that you appreciate the relationship with HER over all the gazillion women out there.

Build a career out of something you would do even if no-one paid you one cent to do it. To be the kind of man women ask no stupid questions from.

To have women KNOW you are busy with girls, and be grateful to be able to be a part of your life anyway.

So, having options is a MUST if you want to keep yourself detached from potentially “losing” her or whatever.

And hey, stuff happens so at some point she might walk away regardless (like maybe she finds someone to have a “real” relationship with). By having an interesting life on your own, you won’t even have TIME to worry what’s going on with any particular casual dating thingy.You could begin by kidding a little bit by saying something like “yeah of course! And then simply say that naturally there are other women in your life as well. Now, the absolutely wrong way to go about is to jump into the “relationship” mode: to start talking to her in this really sweet lover voice, praising her from head to toe and talking about all kinds of really deep topics and all that. Too little, and she starts thinking you’re just after her pussy (and feeling bad, she’ll put a stop to it before long).(pause) I’m seeing 18 different women right now, including your mother and your best friend.” Then she’ll be like “ha ha! If she doesn’t want that, then it’s of course up to you to decide whether to continue with her or not. Don’t get too involved emotionally This one goes to both, but especially you. You guys have had sex and now you’re laying on bed. Heart is still beating and you are both a bit sweaty. That’s not going to work, and the reason is this: Casual dating – by definition almost – just CAN NOT work if the other person is in LOVE. You don’t want her to fall in love, and you can control this to quite a degree. Get too involved, and she’ll fall in love (and the jealousy ruins not only your relationship with her, but potentially every other relationship as well). Don’t be too available It’s understandable in the beginning – especially after a reeeeally long dry spell – to try just SHOWER her with attention.Now, before I get into these, I must say that of course every individual and circumstance is different. You know, that deep connection with someone where you’ll finish each others sentences and all that… There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting love, but you should aware of your own desires.So, you need to use some common sense with these rules as you apply them into your particular “relationship” (it’s really about dating at this point, casual relationship comes only after that.) Having said that, let’s just jump into the rules right away. Know what YOU want This might seem like an obvious thing, but it’s very much worth mentioning. You should be able to acknowledge the things YOU want.If she know you will ALWAYS be there whenever she needs you, you’ll quickly lose your power, which will dry up the sexual polarity at the same token.

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