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Not many people opted for this route, I passed maybe five other travellers and the sounds of a school’s music class on my ascent.

Some of the stairs were very steep, but nothing too hard to climb.

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Coming to a country with so many mountains, you may feel a natural desire to ascend to the summit, and if you make this decision, you will not be disappointed.

Bordering Kyoto and Shiga prefecture is Mount Hiei, home to Enryaku-ji temple which is the headquarters of the Tendai sect of Buddhism.

Looking to the horizon, I saw Hiei; its summit towering at 2,782 ft, I knew I had to climb it.

Unaware of the bus service that runs to Sakamoto, (the part of Otsu that is base to a cable car up to Enryaku-ji temple) I decided to walk to the foot of the mountain from Otsu station.

On that lonely road, I could not help but feel a great feeling of spiritual power, if only from the amazing craftsmanship of the statue.

Although the historical route winds through a residential area, I was alone for the entire path, and could easily pretend that I had been travelling for days just to see these monuments.

One building held a replica of the mountainside, and showed the cable car route, and made me realise that while I had walked a long way, I was not yet at the summit.

The summit was a short bus journey away, but I was determined to find another way, and again I found a less-travelled path.

I was then met by some grand stairs just beyond a sign post that indicated the direction to the ropeway.

Curiosity took over and I decided that the stairs were far better, as it looked like the beginning of a great journey into the woods, into the natural landscape of Japan. Surrounded by lush greenery I continued upward, and thought that perhaps this was the only way up the mountain, entirely forgetting about the cable car as I became absorbed into my surroundings.

I pressed onward and found Sakamoto and its station.

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