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Many people referred to this facet of his career as “selling out,” but what’s someone supposed to do when they are given opportunities to work with David Lynch and Michael Mann? The GAP ads and Infiniti commercial voice-overs are a little harder to defend, but a guy can’t be expected to sleep in the shed behind Greg Ginn’s parent’s house or under a desk in the SST offices forever, can he?

In a fair world, Henry Rollins would be a gym teacher.

He’d be the eternally single and eternally disgruntled gym teacher who wore shorts all year round and worked primarily in boys’ military schools.

To this day, every time Hank pops up in a voice-over spot, random cable talking head gig, or supporting role, the 14-year-old in me gets pretty excited.

Actually, the present day me gets a little giddy too.

Instead, I focused my fascination on a short, hypermasculine loudmouth who had issues with rage and even bigger issues with women.

In the books he put out on his 2.13.61 label, Rollins' anecdotes about women are generally confined to the nameless one that damaged him early on, ruining him for love entirely or casual sexual encounters with nameless women.Had I experienced this shift earlier, I might not have been so dismissive of Hank's troublesome representations of women.My affinity for Rollins and his outstanding Napoleon complex was also the by-product of spending the summer before 9th grade at the Jersey Shore dating a guy who subsisted on a steady diet of Danzig, Dream Theater and Rollins Band.At that time in my life, I thought his various books of “poetry” were both brilliant and profound, and dare I say it, were probably the inspiration that got me to try my hand at writing.In hindsight, however, I’d really love to travel back in time and kick my own ass for spending my allowance money on poems where Rollins proclaimed that he had Jesus Christ in one testicle and Hitler in the other.The entire Rollins Band catalog certainly doesn’t hold up against Black Flag’s raw brutality, and it doesn’t age as well, either.

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