Free 3d adult chat rooms - Gridview rowupdating not retrieving newvalues

Do you wish to show ASPx Grid View data in the Edit Form?We will appreciate if you provide us with a simple running project or your markup.You can use this property as you would the Selected Row: Other events won't pass you the selected Row but will pass you the index of the affected row.

But what if you've turned the column into a template column and replaced the control in the cell?

In that case, since you know the name of the control, I'd use the Find Control method.

For instance, to retrieve the value of a cell that isn't in edit mode and is in a column that isn't templated, you can use the view's Rows and Cells collection to access any Cell.

Once you've got the Cell you want, the Cell's Text property gives you the value: This code also works for the Details View.

It is a common practice to utilize data-binding expressions to define edit values.

If this approach does not suit your requirements, please describe your scenario in greater detail.

In Events That leaves me back at the original question: How to access a row in the Row Data Bound event of a Grid View?

Many of the Grid View events pass you the selected row as one of the properties on the e parameter.

Recently, a reader asked me how to get at the controls inside a Grid View during the Row Data Bound event.

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