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In Ghana a woman can surely wear shorts, skirt or trousers, but acceptable dressing out of doors is less liberal than the typical women's summer wear in Europe.

The Ghanaian woman is still supposed to dress decently.

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If you have lived all your life in Ghana, you will think this practice is common in other cultures too. However, our country has been blessed with many good left-footed players like Mohammed Polo and Abedi Pele.

But to shake someone's hand with the left is not permissible.

Calling people without titles is difficult for Ghanaians. Ghanaians don't often mention their names during handshake which is a culture shock for tourists. Ghanaian handshakes are often between buddies, probably more common with men. Left-handedness has traditionally been discouraged in the Ghanaian society.

It is an important tradition in Ghana to add a respect-giving title when calling or addressing people. Very amazing to the tourist is the way we snap our middle fingers to make an interesting sound during handshake. Until recently, teachers even discouraged pupils from writing with the left.

Waving with the left hand is considered as a sign of extreme arrogance, just the same way as pointing with the left, and giving, receiving or eating with the left hand.

Certain traditional meals are eaten with the right hand.A white person arriving in Ghana for the first time will experience culture shock because what he will see is diametrically opposed to what he is used to in his country.Culture shock is not only suffered by those who travel and live abroad.They are to love and be good at taking care of their children. Many Ghanaian men still want their prospective wives to be very good cooks and many married men take on the shame of their wives’ bad cooking. Following what is happening in the rest of the world, Ghanaian women no longer want to be considered the weaker sex.They are now wearing Jeans (even though the traditionally plump nature of many Ghanaian women, with their huge bottoms, means some of them don't look fine in jeans).They ride bicycles, drive cars (a very common thing for the educated Ghanaian woman these days) and do even hard jobs like motor mechanics and building constructors.

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