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This age has been obtained from the isotopic analysis of many meteorites as well as of soil and rock samples from the Moon by such dating methods as rubidium–strontium and uranium–lead.It is taken to be the time when these bodies formed and, by inference, the time at which a significant part of the solar system developed.

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Geologic history of Earth, evolution of the continents, oceans, atmosphere, and biosphere.

The layers of rock at Earth’s surface contain evidence of the evolutionary processes undergone by these components of the terrestrial environment during the times at which each layer was formed.

It is known from direct observation that the surface of the basaltic lavas caused by the impact-induced melting of the lunar mantle.

Many of these basalts have been analyzed isotopically and found to have crystallization ages of 3.9 to 4 billion years.

Models developed from the comparison of lead isotopes in meteorites and the decay of hafnium-182 to tungsten-182 in Earth’s mantle, however, suggest that approximately 100 million years elapsed between the beginning of the solar system and the conclusion of the accretion process that formed Earth.

These models place Earth’s age at approximately 4.5 billion years old.

This mineral is the oldest dated material on Earth.

The rocks from which the zircons in the quartzites and conglomerates were derived have either disappeared or have not yet been found.

Its component gases, however, were most likely very different from those emitted by modern volcanoes.

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