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How many have ever seen a Yello-Bole with a screw in tenon and a non-removable stinger? For those unfamiliar with Yello-Boles , every Yello-Bole made from the brands beginning (very early 1930’s) til today use push stems with removable stingers. I checked the pipe over carefully and could not find any sign this was not factory made.

The stem fit flush and registered to the shank perfectly.

I would say he had no less than a hundred pipes all different origins,types and kind of makes. Maybe its a experimental prototype or special order? I do know you will most likely never see another like it.

All in all the pipe was in excellent original condition and the uniqueness did not stop at the horizontal propeller.

As I started to take the stem out of the bowl it unscrewed!

I have another propeller 86b i can show for comparison.

Here is some other shots of the pipe as it arrived in the mail.

Since this pipe is very unique for a Yello-Bole i just did a basic cleaning and preservation to keep it original as possible. The cake came out easy and was not that hard a pipe to clean.

It had been taken care of and not abused by its previous owner.Those who’ve been Pete Nuts for years expect the POTY here in the US around the second week of June.This was because, traditionally, the company wanted to have the hallmark stamp bear the year of the pipe’s issue, and getting the Assay Office in Dublin Castle to get the sterling marked meant the pipes wouldn’t get on pods to cross the ocean until May.It leaves a pipe cleaner after one use on the stem in a bent up mess. The color is same and the grain pattern’s not typical of imported brair.*UPDATE* I think Ed James has helped solve the mystery Yello-Bole. Look at this KBB Monterrey, Select Grain Mission Briar (Manzanita). I don’t think i noticed is because I have only handled eastern mountain laurel WWII era non-briar pipes and its much softer. I think pipe was mis-stamped as a Yello-Bole with a simple fix the vertical line stem emblem on the KBB Monterrey becomes a propeller.I would judge it as good as a Kaywoodie 4 hole stinger (if not better) and far better than a 3 hole Kaywoodie stinger.

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