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Red has the problem here of the whole pack collapsing in on them, on this person in this position.Green has the problem of being boxed in on both sides.

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In the 800 meters, it’s about awareness more than concentration. That’s why I don’t run some guys on my team in the 800 meter very often. They’re just not aware of what’s going on around them and thus just are tactically very poor 800 meter runners.

I might stick them up in a longer race where maybe their concentration’s a little stronger or at least there’s more room to make up for errors that might occur.

We’re pumped to announce that this Friday, February 23rd, Elite3 will be streaming Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! In case you’re unfamiliar with Elite3, they’re mostly known for their Pokemon ‘Bridged’ video series.

You may also recognize them from collaborations they’ve done with Team Four Star through voice work and videos from their gaming channel.

I’d like to thank my technical crew here, Marcus and Matty.

This is the human performance lab that I have and my physiology classroom here in Stillwater, Minnesota, and I’d like to talk to you today about how to run the 800 meter and a little bit about developing a race plan.Then the third type, which we are seeing more and more commonly is the long sprinter that’s moving up.They don’t have the highest VO2max in the bunch, but they are very economical.I’d like to also point out that I’ve got some distance crew here, some of my 800 meter runners and some of my milers who are also gonna watch today.At the end of the presentation, we’ll give you a web address that you can reach me at if you’ve got questions, if you wanna buy some training things. Number two, a good racing plan should psychologically prepare the athlete for the physiological processes that are going to occur during the race, which should be the most stressful time in any athlete’s life if the actual competition is the race and we prepare them so well physically that it really serves its purpose to have a good psychological racing plan, something that’s set up ahead of time that might anticipate some things that may go wrong and just a good time for the coaching athlete to discuss what their racing intentions might be. Now, I know there’s some talk amongst coaches that really is just a long sprint.Those are the types of people that you’re gonna find in this race, so as you train them, you of course are training for their faults and deficiencies rather than their strengths, so you’ll need to address that in training and that stuff is available through some of the things I’ve written and how to train the middle distance runner, which we’ve got as a class that you can purchase the complete track and field, so as you set up the racing plan, you need to discuss with the athlete what their competition is, who they’re racing, and what type of runner they are, although that’s probably been discussed many times with them, specifically since they’re your athlete. How do you set up a timeframe that you allow them to be able to successfully hit?

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