Gavin degraw dating anyone who is cheryl cole dating 2016

KAABOO kicked things off privately on Thursday for Media guests.

Gavin degraw dating anyone

His concerts are fun to watch and the vibe is so relaxing -- the perfect way to have a glass of wine or beer and enjoy life with good company.

As much as it would be fun to continue to convince the world that Gavin De Graw is worth listening to, it would be better for you to discover this on your own.

So what is it about Gavin De Graw that makes him so easy to listen to?

Well, first off, he keeps a fairly low profile, so he isn't someone you'd read about in the media very often.

KAABOO started last year when two life-long music enthusiasts - I should say "live" music enthusiasts - were chatting fireside, and decided to create an event paradigm that catered to a little older, more discerning audience.

Inspired by Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre, these guys created the ultimate festival, featuring live music - but so much more.

Regardless of the exaggerated aspect of the drama, it was all relatable.

Like this song."Funny when times get hard, at the last moment when you're supposed to charge, always on the longest yard, oh they feel their feet getting cold." Sound familiar?

The first time hearing the song "Soldier," I almost cried. You might just even drive to Los Angeles (or whatever big city is near you) on purpose to sit in traffic and listen to him.

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