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Let’s start with that part of the Uber customer service you might be looking for, that you would typically assume exists, but doesn’t: Do you have a question or issue and would like to speak with a human being and call Uber?Unfortunately, they currently do not have a phone number to contact them, except strictly for emergency situations.

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Generally, com would be your first step when trying to contact Uber.

The Help Portal will give you a choice between “for riders” and “for partners”, which, of course, means for passengers or Uber drivers.

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These local partner sites have comprehensive information on how to use the Uber app for their partners (“Uber 101” ).

Here are examples of some of the most popular Uber Partner Sites: Each city that the Uber service operates in has it’s own local Uber email address in addition to the main [email protected] address above.

As you land on the Help Portal for Uber partners, you’ll find a list of popular topics, such as: The FAQs covered on the Help Portal are of a fairly universal and basic nature.

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