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Joey admits it's the best nap he's ever had and wants to try it again, but Ross finds it too weird and refuses.When Ross finally relents and tries another nap with Joey, the gang walks in and catches them.

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Ross tries to return it anyway, but is only offered $4 in store credit.

The One with Ross's Teeth (series six, episode eight)Monica sets Ross up on a date with her friend from work.

Unknown to her, the club had spread a rumour that Rachel had both male and female reproductive parts.

But Rachel had also spread a rumour about Ross - which turns out to be true.

Twelve years after the hit sitcom Friends ended, the actors are to reunite for a one-off two-hour special this February.

David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Matt Le Blanc and Lisa Kudrow have all signed up for the special, which will be a tribute to director James Burrows, who filmed many episodes of the series and has recently shot his 1,000th television programme, reports the BBC.

Here are ten top moments, one from each series: Monica Gets a Roommate (series one, episode one)In the coffee shop, Central Perk, we meet the gang: romantic control-freak Monica; her geeky, charming and recently dumped brother Ross; sarcastic yet funny Chandler; goofy womaniser Joey, and New-Age eccentric Phoebe.

Then Rachel arrives, having just left her fiance at the altar to run to her high-school best friend, Monica, who she forgot to invite to the wedding but now wants to move in with.

Phoebe offers to teach him, even though Joey is a poor student and his words sounds like gibberish.

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