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Not being in possession, CEL have no case to pursue in tort because trespass is a matter for a landowner alone to claim loss/damages, if applicable, not an inflated charge claimed by a third party as if it is an agreed 'debt' to try to twist a matter of tort into a pseudo contract.

And the dodgy signs, unreadable font, placed too high on poles/unlit (if it was dark) etc.

Apologies for the rambling etc, just a tad stressed.

Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment CEL is having a blizzard of claims Somebody I provided a defence for earlier this year received two new claims yesterday Have another look for threads in the last couple months that provide full defences Points that must be included are : The claim form isn't signed therefore isn't a Statement of Truth Neither the claim form nor the further particulars disclose a cause of action The reasonable belief that Ashley Cohen did not prepare the particulars.

The covering letter merely contains a supposed PCN number with no contravention nor photographs.© The draft claim is signed by ' Michael Schwartz' who is and was under investigation by the SRA and is currently banned from practising as a solicitor.

Mr Schwartz has stated before Tribunal that he received no income between September 2016 and date of his hearing in February 2017.

They're identical to the draft sent months ago by Michael Schwartz - a solicitor that has been struck off the register for five years No debt could possibly be due until at least eight weeks after the date stated.

CEL didn't even issue a parking notice until four weeks afterward that required payment within four weeks The claim was prepared by CEL own staff and the Legal Representative fee is false CEL did not issue a claim for £140 after sending its LBA.I intend to defend based on no documents asking for driver, signage, disproportionate costs, no breakdown of rise in original cost to amount claimed, sketchy particulars of claim, and this seemingly fraudulent document (either signed without Mr S knowing, or with his knowledge but not as a 'solicitor' in which case what is the point of him checking over a bulk printed document.) The fact that the 'statement of truth' signed by Mr S does not contain any 'truths' as no dates, costs, or other information are included other than my name as defendant.I will post draft of my defence which I hope someone can glance over and let me know any errors.My car is SORN at the moment and a non starter with no MOT, so no value there or risk until I do eventually get the money to fix it.I'd bought a ticket but apparently displayed it 'incorrectly'.Wish I'd found this site much sooner, but luckily found it in time for this.

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