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You might want to research the various alternatives to traditional copyright.

I would suggest you start with the Creative Commons standard at I. "This card game is being distributed under an Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivs license.

I've spent too much time trying to come up with an elegant way of phrasing this, so I have come here for help.

"Ascension" is a card game with similar acquisition elements, however its cards have only costs.

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Cooking and shopping: Meal replacements simplify meal planning and preparation.

There are more than 100 nationwide Medifast Weight Control Centers.

In a sci-fi themed game perhaps Materialize or Transport could work.

The actual word is less important than the clarity of the explanation text.

This game uses the phrase "acquire [the card] without paying its cost." I like this phrasing because its clear, concise, and is not childish as "for free" might sound.

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