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O’Donnell, 93, still has little tolerance for anyone who thinks Sheppard might be innocent. “He wanted to get rid of his wife.” Bill Tanner covered the first trial for The Cleveland Press and supervised coverage of the second.

Tanner has little or no doubt about Sheppard’s guilt.

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And he challenges the widely accepted notion, suggested in the Supreme Court ruling, that the Press crossed some journalistic fairness line in its coverage.

Were it not for the Press’ legendary editor, Louie Seltzer, Tanner thinks Sheppard would have gotten away with murder.

Sierra Chapman, 25 and Sandy Thomas, 48, both of Cleveland, recreated a private service held three years ago.

"We wanted to do this in a joint ceremony with people who are like us," said Chapman.

Had the wrongful imprisonment trial been a criminal case, it’s pretty clear the jury would have found Sheppard guilty.

Nevertheless, Gilbert has never abandoned his minority view that his client’s father didn’t do it, insisting his case included “solid forensic proof …But from the moment Patrolman Fred Drenkhan was dispatched to the Sheppard home at a.m.that July 4 morning 60 years ago, until Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason officially closed the books 48 years later, the identity of the primary suspect never once changed.One speaker, Judy Benson of Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, said the move for marital rights is not just cosmetic or symbolic."Old gay couples have problems because the state will not sanction their marriage like inheritances or social security benefits," she said.that Sheppard could not have committed the insanely brutal beating of the wife he loved.” “But Cuyahoga County, even 60 years later, seems incapable [of cleaning] its dirty hands over how it ruined so many lives, including a young boy, who still suffers from that fateful night in 1954,” added Gilbert.

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