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Dissertation Title: A Defence of Workplace Democracy 2000 – 2004 Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics (Major) and Philosophy (Minor), Mc Gill University. Peer Reviewed Books 2017 A Care Manifesto: Part-Time For All, with Jennifer Nedelsky (University of Toronto) (Contract signed with Oxford University Press: New York) 2014 After Occupy: Economic Democracy for the 21 Century, Oxford University Press: New York.

Peer Reviewed Articles 2017 Interdependency: The Fourth Existential Insult to Humanity. 2016 Offending the One Percent: Seven Arguments Against Distributive Desert. The Toronto G20 and the Challenges of Summit Protest (pp.

2013 March Economic Democracy: The Left’s Big Idea for the 21st Century? The Toronto G20 and the Challenges of Summit Protest. (Foreword by Naomi Klein) Book Chapters Malleson, T., & Wachsmuth, D. From the Great Recession to the Streets of Toronto.

New Political Science: A Journal of Politics and Culture, Vol 35, No 1, pp. 2010 Dec Cooperatives and the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ in Venezuela, Affinities: A Journal of Radical Theory, Culture, and Action, Vol 4, No 1.

This past November, the airline announced that Sky Miles Members could earn extra miles as Airbnb hosts or guests.

So, if you're a frequent Delta flier and you really want to earn the most miles on a trip, you'll want to take a Lyft to the airport, fly Delta, and stay in an Airbnb.

It's nothing too fancy, but you can find some heavy discounts in this virtual bargain bin.

It's nothing too fancy, but you can find some heavy discounts in this virtual bargain If you're a big Android user, you'll know that this virtual currency is used to snag those delicious apps in the marketplace.

Sure, there's crippling debt and a tax plan that's frightening university officials in the U. College students with an email address can qualify for Amazon Student benefits which also means 6 months of Prime free.

Sign up for the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card if you're looking to save a little more.

A generous 50% token bonus is being offered to participants in this early fundraising round.

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