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It’s important to make your child aware of the risks of sharing online and how to protect them from these risks.Sexting can be a sensitive topic to bring up with your child, these three short videos addressing the topic of sexting may help start the conversation with your child.“It is just as sinful as the real thing.” What is Virtual Adultery?

“Adultery is adultery, even if its virtual” according to Pamiglia Cristiana (Christian Family), a magazine close to the Vatican.

Bill Clinton would ask us all to first define what we mean by the word “is”, but the real issue here is how do we define infidelity.

So before anyone can answer the question, “is cheating online real?

”, we need to first define what is meant by the term adultery and what constitutes “sex” outside of marriage? Concealing a relationship outside of the primary one means that lying and hiding are involved, and at the moment, there is very little, if any, regard for how the other person will feel about that outside relationship.

"They need to put the phone down and have a good old-fashioned conversation—spend some time together nurturing the relationship—instead of shortcutting with sexting to try to get a quality relationship." The study surveyed nationally representative groups of Canadian and American adults, all in committed heterosexual or same-sex relationships, of various ages, ethnicities, income and education levels.

The criteria make the sample of 615 people far broader than most previous studies of sexting, which have more often focused on young adults or teenagers, said Galovan.

For many parents of teens, sexting can be a big concern.

Talking to your child can be the best way to ease concerns, We’ve put together a list of useful talking points to help start the conversation with your child.

In addition, they are more likely to view pornography and show more infidelity-related behaviour on social media.

"Sexting doesn't seem to be a feature of a healthy relationship," said Galovan.

If images of your child have been shared online without their permission there are a number of actions to consider taking.

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