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Within the port itself, I will throw in a 45* piece in the corner(s) in order to keep the port width the same at the turn in the port.

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The main reason I got into doing custom designs was the amount of pre-fab boxes being used by people I knew.

Most of these boxes are too small and tuned too high for any woofer to sound good in.

The 45's are there to simply aid the people who can make those cuts, in order to help them get the most out of the design. With most pre-fab boxes, and even some custom boxes, you don't get any bracing.

This is costing you output, because when the box flexes it absorbs some of the sound waves. Because of that, I brace the larger walls in my designs with either 2" wide strips of MDF or 1.5" wide wooden dowels which can be bought at Home Depot.

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I thoroughly enjoy helping others with their audio needs, and I believe that it shows with how I treat my customers and the amount of effort I put into my boxes.

I design all of my boxes with the purpose of giving you a well-rounded box.

I've found that tuning in that area is what the average listener is going to want.

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