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Some restrictions apply for possession limits and allowable equipment. Exceed at any time the bag limit of fish while engaged in a day’s fishing.

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Collect or take live or dead mussel shells from public waters.

Possess live aquatic invasive mussels such as Asiatic clam, quagga mussel and zebra mussel.

Keep fish you catch for an aquarium if the fish meets legal size and bag limit requirements.

Take smelt from Lake Michigan and Oliver Lake (La Grange County) from March 1 through May 30.

The consumption advisory is based on a model that people are consuming 8 oz. Most anglers do not eat wild-caught fish nearly this frequently.

The primary concern is with the at-risk population.

Lake Michigan and the Ohio River and boundary waters of the Wabash River have special PFD regulations.

Call the USCG at (219) 879-8371 for Lake Michigan, (502) 779-5400 for southern Indiana, or see for a copy of federal boating regulations.

The 2018-19 Indiana Fishing Regulation Guide is now available on e Regulations, a third-party online service.

The e Regulations website has different privacy and security policies and contains advertising. By Mail: Specify the license you need and send the following information with your order: Indiana disabled American veterans can get a DAV fishing license application form from the County Service Officer or download the application form at fishing. Mail the form with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the DNR Customer Service Center. Note: There are season restrictions for trout on inland streams, Lake Michigan and its tributaries, and for paddlefish on the Ohio River., or visit the DNR Customer Service Center, Indiana Government Center South, 402 W. Take carp, gar, bowfin, buffalo and shad with a spear, gig, spear gun, bow and arrow or underwater spear under certain conditions and on limited waters. Use landing nets, gaff hooks or grab hooks to assist in landing legally caught fish.

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