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With the advent of wide-bodied jet aircraft in the 1960s, tourism burgeoned and created a great demand for souvenirs, particularly postcards.

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Like Rob, they recorded the scenery of Fiji and the life of the people of all ethnicities. This experience was repeated a few years later when Joan Rice came (with Burt Lancaster) to shoot "His Majesty O'Keefe", that time in the Deuba (Pacific Harbour) area.

Roland was the principal photographer for Stinsons during the 1940s and early 1950s, after which he left Fiji and moved to Perth, Western Australia, to live.* After that time Charles was the principal photographer. The scene is very probably on what is now called 'The Coral Coast', the stretch of the southern coastline of Vitilevu between Serua and Cuvu.5B. Since then there have been a procession of films made in Fiji, but none has had the impact on the local community of those first two.

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He was also for a number of years prominent in local government politics and finally retired to the Gold Coast of Queensland. The fields visible in the middle-distance are sugar-cane.

The post - World War II Stinson Studios photographs, like those of John Bolton Stinson in an earlier time, often go beyond being mere "postcard snapshots" and provide an aesthetically and culturally aware image of Fiji in the last days of its colonial era. This valley is in Ra, on Vitilevu's north coast near Tavua township.

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