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Java Script files are added, deleted and renamed all the time, so it's very easy to forget to update the _file accordingly.A better approach was to add a feature that would do that automatically and thereby give Intellisense for all files globally all the time.

All this shipped with Visual Studio 2012, but when it was time to focus on Visual Studio 2013, we decided that this workflow should be improved.

It wasn't ok that developers should maintain this file manually.

It's convenient, discoverable and you only have to set it once per project.

The second menu item is Update Java Script References.

This is also the only file that is included in Intellisense by default at all times.

The cool thing is that the user now only have to control Intellisense in one central location. Some people don't like to use a folder named /scripts/ or the name _

The result could potentially be that no Intellisense from other files got loaded at all, which was arguably worse than loading too much Intellisense.

Finally, letting the user manually add references to other files eliminates performance issues and the parsing of HTML files to follow references.

This will add all files in the project as triple-slash references in the _file.

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