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PARK CITY — You know that well-known story line about the person biding his time down on the farm, so to speak, all the while daydreaming and plotting about the day when he'll make it to Hollywood and become a star?

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They try to be a little more outrageous or they have a lot of teen angst or they’re bad girls and then they’re really good girls and always trying to push the boundaries.

In the beginning, Jenny was a very Molly Ringwald -inspired character, sitting in Brooklyn making her own dresses to try and fit in with the upper east siders until her dad married Lily and she was actually going to be in the upper east side.

From costars to '90s It girls, look through to see the women he's romanced over the years.

While the quality of Gossip Girl’s plot lines may be diminishing (Dan has a baby? ), the quality of the show's wardrobe is definitely stable.

Blair would wear something very first date appropriate. How did you style Blair and Serena differently in Paris, compared to New York? In the first episode, Blake is wearing a Georges Chakra couture dress worth $35,000 with a grey rag & bone blazer and a little straw hat and some flats.

Probably a really great sheath dress, something very Jackie O-inspired but revealing enough to show off a little bit of clavicle and collar bone and sleeveless. I think she’d wear skinny jeans and a really great pair of pumps and maybe a boyfriend blazer and a bold tank top and some layered necklaces and of course that fabulous blond hair. It’s kind of crazy that she’s wearing this great hand-beaded dress around all day with flats but it kind of makes sense.

With the tour de force that was Serena and Blair’s summer in Paris, it might even be getting better.

This is all thanks to Eric Daman, who might have the best job in the world. Following two of Gossip Girl’s strongest episodes to date (fashion-wise), we spoke to Eric about his amazing day job, Taylor Momsen, the only show he went to during fashion week, and his latest gig with providing first date outfit advice, some of which he was nice enough to share with us.

She’s gone through several changes but I think it follows who Taylor is in real life.

Both Taylor and Jenny were 13 when they started and had to grow up in this [show] and become 16 years old and 17 years old.

He swears it's addictive, and from the lines outside his roaster he may be right. He was Rusty, the teenage son of Clark and Ellen Griswold. His stepfather, Ernie, is an actor coach and has been in more than 100 movies and TV shows.

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