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Single men nowadays think they somehow need to apologize for having sexual intentions with women.

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They and several Muslim women, professing they wear headscarves out of free will and not repressive Islamic laws, are quoted as saying: "Learning how to meet women is manipulation" as part of a string of what seem to be (personal) attacks on the character and work of Dennis Miedema.

In response, Dennis openly questioned feminism in a recent interview on the radio by asking: "Has anyone ever considered the side effects of feminism?

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If your idea of the perfect mate is German or loves all things German from Karneval to Oktoberfest, BMW or Bratwurst then, you’ve found the right place.Being a gentleman as it’s called is actually leading the way, being dominant, because men gesture (tell) a woman to go inside, to sit down, and so on.” He went on to say: “But because a large part of feminists demanded that dominance shouldn’t be associated with men per se?The unintended side effect was that men grew fearful of leading the way while women still instinctively craved to be led!So, from a genetical perspective, feminism is currently still irrelevant as women still instinctively crave to be led.” Dennis Miedema continued: “Don’t assume male dating coaches are trying to be “male chauvinist pigs” here just because they are men who scrutinize feminism. Really, really think about this: women want men to hold open the door for them as the men gesture to them to come inside.Women want men to pull out their chair as men gesture to them to sit down.Meanwhile, on an international scale, numerous supporters of "fatherhood discrimination" and followers of Australian-born anti-feminist Babette Francis and her Endeavour Forum have already shown their support for the Dutch dating coach.

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