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From business to books, dining to shopping, members always contribute and vote for activities. This group meets to discuss how to be more effective and positive volunteers.

From blood donation to working with people with special needs, visit for more information on how to get involved.

Hobby photographers can get constructive feedback from their peers at this sociable club. It's open for anyone who wants to learn or improve skills, or just to enjoy and make new pals.

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They meet in several locations in the city, at various times of the day whether parks, malls, coffee shops or nightclubs. Join our active the group for field trips, monthly breakfast, nights out and in, park playdates and forming new friendships.

Additionally, there are trips to galleries around the UAE. The group states that “if you're tired of wandering the malls by yourself or sitting in your home with nothing to do, check us out”.

This group is set up for parents of children with autism. Most events take place on weekday mornings, some afternoons and are geared towards having young kids in tow, but they also have mum-only evening events. If you’re interested in live theatre, join this small and growing community of local actors, directors and playwrights.

It provides them with a space to learn about the condition, and guest speakers offer advice and share new knowledge. If you fancy getting on stage and having a go yourself there are a number of local amateur dramatic companies and some good monologue workshops otherwise hang out with this group to see some good shows.

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