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Assumptions kill many relationships, while clear communication helps relationships succeed.

Perhaps Henry Winkler put it best when he said, "assumptions are the termites of relationships." Let your partner clearly know your ambitions, fears, feelings, and desires.

It requires very strong trust, commitment, guidelines, and communication.

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This includes an agreement that you will not date others, that you will communicate daily, and that you'll see each other at least once every 2-3 months in person.2) Communicate Every Single Day Part of a successful long distance relationship is being able to emulate patterns found in regular relationships. The evolution of the Internet is godsend for people who are in long distance relationships.

Not only can you communicate via email and instant messaging for free, but you can also talk to each other through free services like Skype. 3) Express Your Feelings Learning to express your feelings to your long distance partner in email, IM, and on the phone is important for the growth and stability of your relationship.

Don't assume that your long-distance partner knows your feelings - share them.

Good or bad, be clear about how you feel about the relationship.

If you're allowing other events to interfere with your get-togethers, then then you might want to reevaluate why you're in a relationship.9) Share Passions The great thing about long-distance relationships is that you tend to get to know your partner much better than if you were physically together.

As a result, you learn much more about your partner's likes, dislikes, and passions.

She met him via online dating - the first guy she met after spending three years "healing" from her last relationship.

Unfortunately, she still carried baggage from the failure of her last relationship. It's important not to draw associations between the person you are currently seeing and past failed relationships. I live by the philosophy that "I will fully trust a person until they give me a reason not to".

That's why you see so many "experts" proclaiming that long distance relationships are a bad idea and don't work.

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