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We watched a video in Spanish on how a local lady makes her espumilla for a living. However, espumilla is not ice cream, and it is not cold. 😉 Make migajones from Ecuador by Kid World Citizen.

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Young boy and girl scouts in blue Class A uniforms with arms linked clear the road, followed by street sweepers in dust masks and yellow jumpsuits.

Then come the junior police, eight-year-olds looking stern in stiff uniforms.

These dusty bookstores, creaky-floored galleries, small boutiques, and quaint eateries now inhabit the Emerald City's most historic buildings.

It is also home to the popular Seattle Underground Tour, the iconic Smith Tower, and the Klondike Gold Rush Museum - these attractions may only take an hour or two of your time, so if you have the whole day available, plan to hit several.

Behind them, children in red frilly robes ring hand bells, then glockenspiels, booming bass drums, women in heels with hand cymbals, percussion, brass. The first and a mobile symphony playing a Simon and Garfunkel song which I later learn has been converted into a traditional hymnal.

Five months ago I found myself suddenly and unwontedly single.

Translation: hipster heaven, and THE place to go on weekends.

Seattle's historic Pioneer Square district is the site of the city's original downtown, dating back to 1852.

One of the girls loved hers, the others including my son not so much. If you’re planning to visit Ecuador read Hispanic Mama’s 12 places In Ecuador that you should visit or drool with another of her posts on Ecuadorian candy!

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