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Giving World's origins started in 2001, when Rama and Sujata Bhalla, two sisters from Leicester, discovered that pallets of paper from a former print works were about to be thrown away.

Rather than allow this waste, Rama and Sujata searched for local community groups who could use the paper and put it to good use.

In order to facilitate this, Konnect9, Giving World's predecessor charity, was set up.

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However, Konnect9 only had a relatively small amount of warehouse space and was limited in the volume of collections and deliveries of goods that could be made. The solution came in 2008, in the form of Giving World Online.

Since then, our experience has taught us that it is possible to create a genuine circle of value from new efficient business practices to self-generation in communities.

Through the week, 120 children attend the club with a regular attendance of 150 children every Saturday.

The aim is not to just teach the words to the children, Mr Kumar says: "You can't teach values, you must draw them out through practical application and experience." The project fulfils this through creative activities with arts and crafts, drama, storytelling and silent sitting, a form of quiet reflection.

I also have a keen eye for fashion and ear for music."Every dog has its day" - Tony Montana I have volunteered for different charities and food banks in the past.

I enjoyed helping people who are less fortunate than me and I think working for Giving World gives me a better opportunity to help more people.Following University, I landed the role of Office Manager at a textile company.Nine years ago I co-founded Konnect9 and co-developed the The overall aim of Giving World Online is to provide a global platform for diverting the world's surplus resources to the world's poorest and most needy people.Giving World has gone from strength to strength, increasing the volume and value of goods saved from landfill.In 2014 alone, we saved over 540,000 items from landfill, and prevented over 1,450 tonnes of CO2e emissions.I am happiest when I am outside and I love sharing food and laughs with family and friends.

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