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Most directors couldn't accomplish that, let alone have each sequence be better than the last.

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I spent most of the time gawking at the set, the costumes, the actors, completely thrilled and dazzled at what the departments had done to make this crazy idea work.

As for script adjustments, those get dealt with ahead of time, not on set.

In the original pitch, each act was a different genre ...

but as we got into it, we realized that the break-up really needed to be grounded in reality, so we re-approached the dreams as a way to show what our characters were really thinking/worrying about.

Are the writers, as a rule, generally present on set, and if so, are there a lot of last-minute adjustments?

Liz: On "House," writers are on set the whole time their episodes are filming, so we were there for the fantasy sequences.

It actually wasn't conceived as a direct send-up of that particular show, but in the execution it definitely ended up coming pretty close.

Did this episode take especially long to film, considering the parodies of the specific shows?

He's spent so much time and energy trying to insulate himself, but being in a relationship basically means making yourself twice as vulnerable. He won't let himself really experience what Cuddy's going through; selfishly, he uses the drug to protect himself, and that leaves her--in any real emotional sense -- alone.

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