C2c skype free dating - Did jake gyllenhaal dating reese witherspoon

The last time we reported these two were more than pals, it was raw speculation. , who did not comment if Jake wears boxers or briefs.

Another source told Us Weekly that the split, which occurred in early December “broke [Jake’s] heart.”Jake and Reese began dating in March 2007.

While his romance may be over, Jake has plenty of work to keep him busy.

Ever since Reese Witherspoon announced her pregnancy, in fact. Engaged within a year, married and now expecting their first child together.

Their split happened more than two years ago…and what has happened since?

star appeared on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show Wednesday, he once again declined to discuss his short-lived romance with pop star Taylor Swift .

One day earlier, when Gyllenhaal was promoting his movie on , the segment was introduced as Swift's "Bad Blood" played—and Stern found it quite amusing. " he asked."No," 34-year-old Gyllenhaal said with a laugh.

"Jake is an actor, is stable, has a successful career and wouldn't want her money.

She can trust him." According to a source close to Jake Gyllenhaal source, the pair - who were spotted (separately) leaving a New York City apartment building in early March - have been dating for about two months.

" Stern asked."No," Gyllenhaal said."Are you upset about that?

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