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Both are experts and “leaders” in the segment of manufacturing history to suit their convenience.

Hafez Assad, 15, is part of Syria’s delegation at the International Math Olympiad, a two-week event being held in Rio de Janeiro organized by the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, or IMPA.

During his time in Rio he reportedly visited Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statute and Sugar Loaf Mountain.

If the claims made by the Church sponsored Pattanam excavations are to be believed, the entire history of South India has to be re-written.

But what stands out in Harishankar’s book are the diverse reasons that there is no basis either scientifically or archaeologically what the KCHR historians have found out.

Carbon dating has been done abroad when India has premier institutes.

Further, modern historians in KCHR with no former experience in field archaeology cannot excavate a site such as Pattanam using unbridled foreign funds, and a crew of Biblical scholars.

Scientists of the BARC have tracked the course of river Saraswati through Radio Isotope studies in the past.

When they tell that there is no sufficient proof on Pattanam, all that the Lefts and the Church could do is to dig further to manufacture some history.

The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre has already tried to unravel the process of mud banks in Kerala during monsoons which has greatly enhanced maritime trade in the past.

“Marine and palaeo-hydrological studies rule out the possibilities of a port city, wharf or township that existed at Pattanam.

Hafez Assad, who was named after his grandfather, had kept a low profile until he was interviewed by an O Globo reporter who asked him how he felt about people calling his father a dictator.“I know what kind of man my father is.

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