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In some ceremonious occasion (to replicate the surprise of the proposal), each person presents a wedding band to the other and makes a promise to love them forever.

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The marketing strategy was very simple: convince men that buying a diamond ring for his bride-to-be was a masculine sign of leadership and a testament to his financial success and convince women that the bigger the rock the greater the love.

What we’ve interpreted as meaningful tradition has been nothing more an engineered marketing strategy.

So I thought I would cover the pro’s and cons for you.

I will start with the pro because unfortunately there are only a few: Pro #1: Tradition. It gives us a sense of belonging, success and comfort. What better way to say I love you than with a rock that is the hardest substance on earth to show that your love will survive (PS: it no longer is, see HSW’s article). Believe it or not, a diamond engagement ring is consumer culture, not naturally evolved culture.

Take for instance, the ‘look at me’ culture that Facebook inspires with the plethora of ring picture posts.

We see it as a celebratory act – to show and share with everyone ‘the ring,’ but in no other scenario is it acceptable or polite to show off one’s luxury gift.On April 29, 2012 by The Feminist Bride With 4 Comments - Bride, Civil Rights, Consumerism, Culture, Dowry, Engagement, Engagement Rings, Etiquette, Feminism, Feminist, Feminist Wedding, Groom, History, History, Identity, Marriage, Money, Pop Culture, Proposal, Same-Sex Marriage, The Feminist Bride, Tradition, Wedding, Wedding Planning, Wedding Swag, Wedding Traditions, wedding websites, Wife, Women Ever stop to think about whether or not to say yes to that diamond engagement ring?I’m not talking about saying yes or no to the person doing the asking, I’m talking about the actual diamond ring!A ring is symbolic because it has no beginning or end, a nice metaphor for your love and relationship. Late in the 1800s, De Beers (PS: HSW called the De Beers corporation a cartel) discovered the world’s largest supply of diamonds in Africa and decided to take his diamonds to the Don Drapers on Madison Avenue in the 40s.There an advertising agency created a campaign to give a rock, that had been only used for industrial purposes, emotional meaning.(If you’re not into podcasts, they also provide an extensive article on it with lots of links to quizzes and fun facts.) But as The Feminist Bride, I cover the culture of diamonds though.

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