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However, despite its seemingly timeless nature, jewellery has also undergone continuous change over the last decade.

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Ring fashions were popular and were designed using big gemstones with faux pearls.

Flexible rhinestone necklaces and multistring bracelets were other favourites as well.

The once bold and eye-catching jewellery adorned by women has now transformed into tasteful and minimalist designs establishing the growth in their positions on the social ladder.

Jewellery has hence maintained its position as a tool to express oneself, so find a piece that you feel speaks for you now with Gehna.

Copper jewellery was another growing trend of the period and arose as an alternative to crystals.

The 60’s observed a change in the status of jewellery.

For time immemorial, jewellery has been a luxury desired by everyone.

It has retained its status as an expression of the self and also managed to safeguard its value.

The 70s jewellery were all about making a statement, and their large sizes and flamboyant colours are proof of this.

Disco inspired designs were popular and so were large gemstones and oversized pearls.

Hoop earrings were another style popular in this decade.

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