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If he tells you straight up he doesn't want to get back together, don't keep pushing.

You're going to end up making him angry and/or freaking him out. If he changes his mind, he knows where to find you.

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Not only did he retweet a (gorgeous) picture of her, but he sent out a bunch of tweets, saying things like this: According to College Candy, it even looks like he posted a throwback picture of the two of them on his Instagram (he may have deleted it though).

Hilary hasn’t responded, and considering the fact that there are regularly pictures of her with her husband, it looks like things might not go Aaron’s way. If you’re going through the same thing, here are 10 tips on how to deal if your ex doesn’t want you back. There is nothing wrong with trying to get your ex back if you feel like you want a second chance.

Source: Shutter Stock Once you're done trying to get him back, get yourself ready to start moving on.

Getting over someone you love is very difficult and can take a lot of time.

But if you're not ready for that step, at least block him so that you don't see him on your newsfeed constantly.

Deleting him is the best option, because then you can't look at his stuff as much, but take the steps you need before you get there.

Personally, I can't get past these kinds of situations without some type of closure.

For me, closure means a polite conversation where you totally end things - not an angry fight or tearful phone call.

Source: Shutter Stock It's really hard to move on from your ex when every other thing in your room reminds you of a memory you two had.

When one of my exes and I broke up, I went through my room and collected each thing that reminded me of him, whether it was a picture, a piece of clothing he bought me, or a piece of jewelry he gave me.

But closure means different things to different people, so figure out what you need to be able to move past this. If you need to talk face-to-face, say, "I just need closure so I can move on.

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