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Why are we supposed to care that David Ogden Stiers is gay? But back to Ogden Stiers: I don't give a whit about all this - and his gayness has nothing to do with it.

As he put it: "A lot of my income has been driven from voicing Disney (cartoon movies) and family programming."He suggested he was worried about being outed in a rather odd way: as the voice behind Cogsworth, the clock in the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast.""Cogsworth could be a bit flamboyant onscreen," he said. He can be reached at [email protected], 686-3155 or (800) 225-5757, Ext.

"But they didn't want Cogsworth to become Disney's gay character."I never pegged Cogsworth as gay.

The loyalties of his children were split during the Revolution. David’s father, unlike his grandfather, sided with the colonies during the Revolution.

Ogden received a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania in 1792 and then studied law with his uncle, Abraham Ogden. Ogden was admitted to the bar as an attorney in 1796 and as a counselor in 1799.

Summary: Correspondence of David Ogden (1707-1798), David B.

Ogden (1775-1849), Aaron Ogden (1756-1839), and Uzal Ogden, Jr. Biographical Note: John Ogden came to Long Island from Hampshire, England in 1640.

If he had something going with Lumiere, they hid it well.

Anyway, I fail to see the importance of these celebrity coming-out stories, especially in 2009.

(1744-1822); petition from Aaron Ogden and Thomas Gibbons to the United States Circuit Court, New Jersey District, concerning a dispute over land owned by a stock company founded by Ogden and two other residents of Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth). He moved to New Jersey in 1664 and was a settler of Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth).

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