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The heart doesn’t move lymph; you have to move to move lymph. Musculoskeletal Good positive; vitamins and minerals Writing for 15-20 minutes per day is very good for your nervous system. Reptilian brain – when seeking pussy, you are out of control Mammalian – seeks acceptance Thinking – the logical part In general, are we in control or out of control?

Immune The lymphatic system runs the same paths as your blood vessels and nervous system. David emphasized the importance of deep breathing all week.5. Remove the sources of negative stress; the 2 bad types2. Triune Brain1) Reptile brain, 2) Mammalian brain, 3) Thinking brain.

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By adhering to cyclic training the body is given adequate time to recover from significant stress before additional training is undertaken.

The foundation of periodic training is keeping ones body in the resistance stage without ever going into the exhaustion stage. Water is the delivery service and the garbage collector for our cells.

Consider the most stressful experiences: death of a loved one, divorce, moving, holidays, etc. It takes 30 days for a new habit to become part of our normal routine. We need to develop “escape velocity” to overcome the gravity of our old habits. The healthier you are, the more you get done, the more you enjoy life.

The first 10 days we experience “defiance.” The next 10 days we experience “resistance.” Then the final 10 days we experience “acclimation.” Now the new habit has gravity.“Will Power” is the rarest and most precious form of energy.

The mind’s greatest talent is the ability to concentrate on one thing for long periods. Things are either important or urgent but not both. Unresolved conflict also affects “clean focus.” It’s like having too many windows open on your computer; everything slows down. Humans can only handle one new ritual/habit every 30 days. There are so few “real” men in the world, when I find one, I want to hang on.

Switch channels from mental to physical or to emotional tasks. Again, maintain “clean cuts.”Humans are creatures of habit: 99% of thoughts, emotions, actions are the same everyday! We have three parts of the brain; the physical, emotional and logical (the Triune brain). If you are frightened of my occasional tirades, what can I say?

As much as possible, stick with raw, whole and organic.

Exercise = body use; using something consciously Key Systems1. If you experience negative emotions for 20 minutes, you knock out your immune system for 24 hours.3. I don’t think he means on a keyboard but rather with pen and paper. Maximum Leverage- First 90-120 minutes of the day; drink ½ liter of water- The next 20-30 minutes; stretch and exercise- Spend a few minutes on meditation- Spend a few minutes reading Do these things every morning.

So we can learn a new sport and a language at the same time because they use different parts of the brain. I have little patience for guys who have fallen asleep at the wheel.

An emotional activity might be something like spending more time with a loved one. Change of routine is what causes the most stress in our lives. The point of Man Transformation is that we are all asleep and we need to wake up. Session 2: Ultimate Physical Health & Wellness Nothing gives you as high a return as investing in your health. Pursuing the pinnacle of health may be the most interesting and fulfilling thing in life.“If I was to think for myself; do my own research; how far could I go?

Watch the original “The Secret.” Read the original (unrevised) “Think and Grow Rich.”Rewrite the goal daily. They focus on what THEY find valuable instead of what people find valuable.

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