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As a “half-breed” by Nazi-standards Beck and his twin sister Miriam were interned at Rosenstrasse-camp in the centre of Berlin in 1943, but set free again after unique street-protests by non-Jewish relatives and friends. As a leader Beck helped to organize the survival of many Jews in Berlin during the last two years of World War II until he and his friends were finally caught and was imprisoned when the group was betrayed and turned over to the Getaspo, shortly before the Russian troops liberated Berlin.After the war, Beck went to Munich, Germany and worked with Ben-Gurion in the displaced persons camps, counting survivors and preparing them for emigration to Palestine.After the Nazi's rise to power, he and his sister were labeled half-Jewlish and experienced growing anti-semitism.


Hardly surprised, his parents accepted his homosexuality.

In 1941, Beck, then eighteen years old, joined "Chug Chaluzi," an underground Jewish resistance group in Berlin that organized hiding places and food for Jews."As the child of a mixed marriage [Mischlinge], I was not deported to the east when other German Jews were.

If only that Save Our Dill girl was around to see what she's been missing...

*The Becky who started "Save Our Dill" is not the same Becky who is otherwise known as Prophecy Girl.

I found work as a shop assistant."Beck had his first male-male sexual experience while at school, seducing a sports teacher.

He proudly boasted about his conquest to his mother, with a frankness that became typical for him.

No question about it, no one thinks 2007 has it in it. Though tradition states that Jake must shave before making his promotional rounds, Rendition's publicity tour is done (gasp! Tumultuous as the year is, though, it ends on a conservative note. One might ask how this year can be named victor when we have not yet seen its close. So unstoppable has the beard growth of 2010 been that Jake could shave tomorrow, spend the last four months of the year smooth as a baby's behind, and still the champion designation would remain.

Mere weeks after flaunting the beard on every television station that would have him, Jake coldly casts it aside for a "sexier" 5 o'clock shadow... Because 2010 has not only already given us this: 2010, I bow down to you.

Over the years, Jake's beard has been a point of incessant conversation and division. In the frenzy of the post-Brokeback era, Jake's fanbase expands to the point that his beard is named "Dill" by an overzealous fan and a since-deleted blog by the name of "Save Our Dill" is created to lobby for its continuing existence.* April gives us this: First Runner-Up: The Year 2007! With nearly a year of clean living behind him, things go radically off course and Jake...flirts with a mustache: By October, the line between what we think we know and what's actually happening is blurring.

All fans must deal with it and all fans must decide for themselves where they stand.

In early 1945 a Jewish spy for the Gestapo betrayed me and a number of my underground friends.

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