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So the next time your old-school aunt disses hook-up culture, present her with these three claims and prove her wrong (mic drop optional): Many people in our generation know when they’ve found the “right one,” because they’ve been with plenty of wrong ones.We’ve discovered what kinds of partners satisfy us both intellectually and in the sack.

By being promiscuous while we’re young, we’re effectively getting it out of our systems for when we want to settle down.

Since hook-up culture is the norm among Millennials, we typically don’t have to what someone is like in bed.

Gen Manager also incorporates LMPs and analysis modes for day-ahead and real-time bidding.

The software’s modular Web services architecture provides flexibility allowing for quick responses to varying market conditions as well as an interface with any data source or third-party system.

When we finally decide who we want to spend the rest of our lives with, we can commit ourselves to that person fully, without speculating about what other relationships could have been like.

We’ll be more loyal to our partners because we won’t start wondering what else is out there 20 years into our marriages.

Millennials might sleep with a whole bunch of people, but we ultimately reserve the most important thing for the one: a lifetime of commitment.

Consequently, our marriages become more about emotional connections and compatibility, as opposed to mere physical attraction.

To be honest, we also become really good at having sex.

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