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) blog site at the time of his first call, was just too much—even for me. I even have several movies on that same nightstand.I could have been watching I tried to come up with something pithy and funny that would be distracting and amusing (at which I am usually very good)—something to change the subject.A subset of married individuals' spouses also completed questionnaires to report as informants on their partners' relationship comparison tendencies, general social comparison orientation and personality.

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Which made me want to giggle, both because I was so bloody nervous and also because that was a classic situation, right? I kept wanting to tell him to speak up, but resisted the urge. He laughed gently too, which scored him some points in my book—both the laughter and the gentle part.

You know how when you are talking to someone that, for whatever reason, you can’t understand, and you’ve asked “what? ” so may times that it becomes embarrassing and you just end up saying nothing, smiling and nodding knowingly? Instead, I muddled through as best I could and tried to be polite. I had been alone in the small office where I work downtown, which happens sometimes and which I like, being the introvert that I am.

” At which point I would make a flustered mental note to get back online to the dating site before the call and check out his profile again to see what common interests we had so that I could make notes and use them during the call. ” was the theme of that day, and I laughed at myself each time, knowing this was exactly what I wanted and had asked the Universe for. ” I thought, sitting here alone getting horny reading a blog about thrusting techniques.

“So just buck up, my dear Gracie, and do it,” I told myself repeatedly, loving and hating, at the very same time, that nervous, anticipatory stomach flutter. (Although in my defense and to be fair to her, it was a great post, was right on, and everyone really does need to know these things.

A friend who was aware of my Divine Feminine (DF) journey had sent me a link to a blog post by a woman who was explaining—in hilarious and all too-familiar detail—why she couldn’t fuck spiritual guys—or rather, she explained, why they couldn’t fuck her. The last two years had been filled with learning, practicing, relearning, research, practice, tears, laughter, practice, be around men, practice, be a vessel of praise for the masculine, practice, allow, change my energy from defensive and combative and masculine (practice) to allowing and feminine—still powerful, but now open too, and practice. She watched me struggle, cheered me on when I got stuck or angry or depressed.

I recognized almost every man I had ever been with in that post. So at some point, one day when she was at my house, I clicked on the dating site and showed her the three bachelors.

Instead, what came out of my mouth, in my usual just-spill-your-guts fashion was, “Okay, I’m busted,” as calmly as possible and in a I’m-busted tone of voice, “I was looking at a blog post about…” my mind in its nervous state was still valiantly trying to save the situation, “…sex,”—and failing.

Okay, so I’d managed to save a bit of face there, though, because I hadn’t mentioned the whole “thrusting techniques” thing. Even for that little bit of a reprieve, I was relieved and happy. To my extreme relief, and after a too-long-for-my-comfort pause, I heard laughter hit my ear—loud and plenty of it.

I also cry a lot when I’m alone—with joy, with sorrow, with whatever is happening around and inside me at that moment.

Being alone gives me the freedom to live right in the present moment and be able to react to it and experience it out loud.

General relational comparisons and negative affect relational comparisons factor scales were significantly, negatively associated with satisfaction in both dating and married samples; in contrast, however, general social comparison orientation was unrelated to satisfaction.

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