Dating someone with bipolar type 2

But then, simplicity is not what you fell in love with in the first place, is it? Most likely you were attracted to the volatility, the edginess, the uncertainty.Loving someone who's bipolar means loving a panoply of characters: the girl who's overcast one morning and the one who's radiant by mid-afternoon.

Having a loved one reassure me – simply remind me that change is inevitable – is invaluable to my recovery. Bipolar feelings run deep and true, even if the course is not always smooth.

I am bipolar and have been for nearly 30 years now.

1) Don't try to argue a depressed person into cheerfulness.

Depression is a powerful beast that demands its rightful due.

They can help me identity what mood I'm in even when I'm not quite sure myself.

3) Do appreciate the wondrous variety that bipolar disorder bestows.It may skulk away in its own good time; but while it's present, you have no choice but to honor it.Telling a depressed person they're not depressed, or that they have no right to be, is simply illogical and rude.Too many bipolar people are used to spending their lives in secrecy, and they never disclose the amazing gifts that they have been granted along with the depression, the recklessness, the intense mood lability.If you can establish the rapport necessary for the bipolar person to open up and show you what's really inside, I think you'll be surprised.And because we've known what it's like to struggle, we are generous with our empathy.

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