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Jews became especially numerous and powerful in the southern part of Arabia, a rich and fertile land of incense and spices and a way station on the routes to Africa, India, and East Asia.

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As a result of this local tradition, which can not be validated historically, it is said that no Jew of Yemen gives the name of Ezra to a child, although all other Biblical appellatives are used.

The Yemenite Jews claim that Ezra cursed them to be a poor people for not heeding his call.

Between June 1949 and September 1950, the overwhelming majority of Yemen's Jewish population was transported to Israel in Operation Magic Carpet.

After several waves of persecution throughout Yemen, most Yemenite Jews now live in Israel, while small communities are found in the United States and elsewhere. The few remaining Jews experience intense, and at times violent, anti-Semitism on a daily basis.

Some media outlets reported yesterday that Saleh’s son said he will “lead the battle until the last Houthi is thrown out of Yemen.” A letter produced by Saleh’s son however did not mention Iran or the Houthi group, which resulted in sending mixed messages.

Yemen’s conflict continues without any clear positions taken by the parties to the conflict.

Historian Glen Bowersock described this as a "savage pogrom that the Jewish king of the Arabs launched against the Christians in the city of Najran.

The king himself reported in excruciating detail to his Arab and Persian allies about the massacres he had inflicted on all Christians who refused to convert to Judaism." It is likely that Dhu Nuwas was a leader of a liberation movement seeking to free Yemen from an increasing foreign meddling in the nation's affairs, and Judaism became a vital element in the resistance.

The Houthis deemed the severance treachery, as Saleh looked forward to open talks with Saudi Arabia.

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