Dating shoes

I felt like a character on television, not a soon-to-be divorced middle-aged mother of 3 in the uneventful confines of the Fairfield County suburbs.

, obviously), but when nothing else is on and I’m feeling so bored I could scream, I’ll watch them.

Back in the early 2000’s, one of my boring/lazy day guilty pleasures was watching reality dating competition shows.

, as though there’s something fundamentally wrong for not being in a relationship. A few years ago I was out to dinner with some girlfriends and desperately trying to ditch the loser who must have sensed my newly single status from clear across the bar.

The world is different when you’re solo, especially when you’ve been paired off for a better part of your life. (Do single women have some sort of radar that only creepy men can sense?

The idea of sending a stranger a photo of shoes seemed more than somewhat bizarre. I was told that they were for our date.“Will you be wearing them? ” I looked around, we were in the middle of a parking lot — a sea of concrete surrounded us, dotted by a couple of cars.

Using the side of my SUV to balance myself I lifted my foot out of my sling back and slipped it into the dead animal. You’d look great in a pair of thigh high boots.”(Edited to add that this is based on actual incidents.Friendships change or disappear altogether and your social life tanks. I vowed then and there that I would never allow myself to be set up ever again. ) In order to get away from him I had to get up, walk away and talk to some other people. I casually meandered over to the table next to ours where two decent looking men sat with their beers, engaged in conversation.Sometimes you date simply because you want the company that has suddenly gone missing. I wasn’t aware of the sun’s shifting presence and the cooler temperature as a result, and not until my friends came over to say goodbye did I even realize how late it had gotten. I decided that I had nothing to lose and so I spent the next few moments trying to come up with something witty to send.I wondered how on earth would a blind person see something so small? We got a table outside, but in retrospect inside might have been better. I wondered if that was the reason he had initially asked me to email and not call him. And just like that my 00 shoes went back into the box. It was awfully warm and humid and the silver-haired New Yorker who was dressed all in black must have been pretty uncomfortable. The unfortunate shoe incident left me deflated and uninspired. I didn’t think to wonder how a visually impaired person might text as prolifically as he did or how or why he was sending images. These things don’t happen to me, certainly not in Plain Vanilla Fairfield County. ) We spoke of everything and nothing at all, not afraid to dig in deep and skip right over the superficial bullshit. As he reached over to get the door for me I noticed that he was carrying an expensive shopping bag — the same Barney’s bag I had seen in photographs.

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