Dating russian mature women

But as soon as her husband is able to provide the family alone, she would quit and stay at home, "to secure the rear".

But though a Russian woman will let her husband rule in the family, she retains her pride, dignity and self-respect.

Disillusionment in Russian men made Russian women search for husbands abroad, and Internet is of great help here.

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Russian women search for foreign husbands because they are disillusioned in our men, and want to find a loving and caring partner wherever he lives.

At first sight, the reasoning seems fully justified.

When marrying a Russian bride, a foreign man should realize that he takes for a wife an equal partner, who, however, has traditional views on family and has home and family as the first priority. Let us not talk about natural beauty of the Russian women - you can see that Russian brides are beautiful in their pictures in the catalog, and it is natural that any man would be proud to have one of these beauties as his wife.

Let us dwell on Russian women qualities which attract foreign men to our women.

Girls from Ukraine and Russia are traditionally taught an idea that family is very important, man is the head of the family, and woman is a mistress of the house; husband is the protector of the family - he is like a stone wall who protects the woman and children from all dangers in life; husband is the provider of the family - he takes care about his family well-being, earning money to provide good life for his wife and children is man's main role in the family; and a wife is a keeper of the family hearth, she should do her best to make her husband feel secure and relaxed at home: clean the house, cook tasty, comfort her man after hard working day.

Modern life makes corrections to this behavior model of the Russian woman: it is often necessary for both a husband and a wife to work and earn money to have a comfortable life, that is why a woman receives good education and finds a good job.

So, Russian women are good wives - they respect their husbands but remain proud women, do not lose their personality and individuality in obedience to the man.

Russian women are beautiful with the natural beauty liked by all men of the world regardless of man's cultural education and nationality.

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You would read in many profiles that the women from Ukraine and Russia are searching for reliable partner, serious, understanding, gentle and loving; very few list financial security of their future husband as one of the top priorities.

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